Safety is our first priority. Safety remains at the forefront of our business, driving our decisions in all that we do. There is nothing more important to Norsk than ensuring the safety and protection of people, property and the environment.

Our Safety Management System (SMS) has been developed to international aviation industry standards and to meet our own uncompromising commitment to Flight Safety, Environmental Awareness, Quality Assurance and Occupational Health & Safety.

Through the use of clear policy objectives, sound organizational structures, tested tools and wide-spread safety promotion, we combine our safety philosophy with our proven operational expertise to create a strong and sustainable safety culture. Our innovative operating model allows full focus on the core elements; safe-lean-efficient by removing the non-essential tasks away from the day to day responsibilities of key personnel.

Our Safety company culture can be summed up in these three words: Safety, Integrity and Mission


Safety is integrated into our overall thinking - from strategy to daily operations. We commit to setting the global benchmark safety standard for our industry. Risk management is inherent in everything we do: If it can't be done safely, we won't do it.


We pride ourselves in acting with honesty, courage, openness and transparency. Resilience and responsibility are key factors to our performance. On a practical level this enables us to create operating systems of high integrity and consistency.


Our employees are focused on our mission - from boardroom to cockpit. We are clear on what our goals are and how we are going to achieve them, and we make sure every member of our team knows the role they have to play. We ensure training, support and resources needed for success - on a strategic and operational level - is supplied to all employees.


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